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The leader in quality, low price real estate investments.

St. Louis Real Estate Investments

JDS Properties Memphis / St. Louis is the leader is quality low cost real estate investments.

    Wholesale properties                                     Partnership Opportunities

    Multi Family Investments                                Commercial real estate  

    Turn key rental properties                               Hard Money Lending

    JDS Properties St. Louis offers you a better way to invest in real estate with four different real estate investing products to add value to your retirement / investment portfolio. 


    Are you saving for retirement or looking for positive passive income?  If yes, then you want to get started with real estate investing.   Are you considering turnkey investment properties or St. Louis multi-families for solid positive cash flow and growth?  Do you want to do rehab to retail flips on single family homes for large backend profits but don’t have the time or experience to get started?  Perhaps you do not want to rehab an investment property or become a landlord.  Perhaps you want to be a hard money lender and not have to worry about collecting rent, maintenance, inspections, or evictions. 

     Located St. Louis MO, JDS Properties has been serving both new and seasoned real estate investors since 2003.  You can contact our team below and let us show you how we can help make your real estate investment dreams come true.   

    The proven real estate investment strategies offered at JDS Properties have been delivering consistent long and or short term results since 2003.  JDS Properties has a real estate investment solution that will meet your needs. 

        JDS Properties has a real estate investment solution for you.

  • Turnkey investment properties for long term growth and positive cash flow.
  • Turnkey multi-family properties in St. Louis for substantial passive income.
  • Financial partnerships with JDS Properties on a St. Louis retail flip for investors looking for high return short term gains.
  • Hard money lending, where you can earn 15-18% returns annually funding real estate investments. 

Right now you can make big profits when you partner with JDS Properties on a retail flip in St. Louis MO.

    JDS Properties offers flat fee retail flip partnerships where you pay us a small fee and you get to keep all the profit.  We do all the work.  We locate the property, rehab it, and sell it for you. 

    You could make $20,000 to $60,000 in profit in less than a year when you do a retail flip with JDS Properties in St. Louis MO and all you need is access to a minimum of $60,000 to get started.

Contact us today to get started or check out our “St. Louis retail flips” page for more info.



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